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For the best plasterboard money can buy you can't go past CSR Gyprock for price, quality and durability. Contact Plastering Guys

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Gtex Gypsum products are the gold standard for anyone who expects high quality at an affordable price.

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We use and recommend Trim-Tex products for a professional plastering finish that looks great in any home or office!

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Plasterer Brisbane is your one-stop shop for all plastering needs. From interior and exterior work to repairs, maintenance, or painting we have the experience you’re looking for! Our team will help make sure that you get what you need quickly so whether it be a call out service or scheduled appointment time we can provide easy solutions for any of your home project woes.

Our plasterers are professionals, experienced and qualified to offer solutions for any plastering needs. We also have a team of painters who will ensure that your wall or ceiling is bright and in fabulous condition! We don’t waste time getting the job done. We provide plastering, gyprock and cornice installation services for both walls and ceilings at a cost that won’t burn your bank account.

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How Plastering works

Plastering is a skilled trade that plasterers can complete in new homes, extensions for existing ones and commercial property renovations. They need two coats of plaster: the first coat to make the all-important wallboard; then it’s time to mix up some top quality cement before applying another layer on as you work your way upwards.

Plastering work is the process of applying plaster to your walls. It takes two coats which are applied using either a trowel or putty knife and finished with sandpaper for a smooth finish. Plasterers can also install drywall, cornice & suspended ceilings as well as installing gyprock onto new homes or extensions to existing homes.

Gyprock and Plasterboard specialists in Brisbane

Plaster has always been an important part of interior design. It is used to amplify the mood and theme in a room, or it can be combined with other materials like paint for a more modern look. You may not know that you are even using wallpaper because most people think about adding wallpapering their walls instead.

Gypsum rock, also known as calcium sulfate dihydrate is a form of naturally occurring mineral. It has many uses in the construction industry such as plasterboard and gyprock. Gypsum itself can be mined to create all kinds of plasters that are used for various purposes!

For thousands of years, Gypsum has been used by many cultures and civilizations. It can be seen in ancient alabaster sculptures or moldings all over the world. This mineral is odorless, non-toxic (even when it’s found in food), flame resistant, and acoustically sound too! Furthermore; gypsum offers thermal insulation properties that have made it favorable for construction projects of any size.


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I was very happy with the work, they gave me a great quote and kept every promise. Highly recommend
The thing I liked about the Plastering Guys is they didn't treat me like an idiot. They explained everything

Manufactured plasterboard has made lath and plaster methods for construction a rarity.

Historically, plaster and lath walls were an essential part of building construction. Nowadays however, they are only used by specialists due to the rise in popularity for gyprock products that were developed during the early 20th century. Let’s take a look at some benefits of using these materials over traditional methods like plasterboard or drywall.

When renovating an old property, you may find lath and plaster walls. These are made of horizontal strips of wood (lath) layered with layers of plaster. Laths and plasters have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years across the world without many changes in design- they’re often chosen for sensitive restoration work due to their timelessness.



Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboards are a great alternative to traditional sound insulation solutions and can be used both as an interior wall cladding or ceiling panel. When installed by the expert team at Plasterer Brisbane , Acoustic plasterboard will provide you with excellent noise reduction that is guaranteed to last for years!

Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repair Plasterer is the best at ceiling repairs. We have skilled and experienced experts on all aspects of repairing ceilings, from leaking to broken plaster or water damage. Your ceilings will be restored with our professional team using only the finest materials available in town!

Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses are a type of plastering that you might notice in some older houses. Ceiling Roses are usually found inside the house, and they look like little flower petals with holes on them. Plasterer Brisbane expertise with ceiling roses, making them a perfect choice for any plastering job that you might have!

Commercial Plastering

Plastering is a process of applying plaster to the surface of walls or ceilings. This can be in preparation for painting, as an alternative to drywall installation, or both. Our commercial plasterers have expertise with all types of jobs and are happy to take on any project that you might need!

Feature Walls

Our commercial plastering team in Brisbane has experience with all sorts of walls. Whether you need a whole room plastered or just have an idea for what your next creative project should be, our team is equipped to make it happen!

Fire Rated Plasterboard

Fire Rated Plasterboard is a specially designed board that can be used in the event of fire. It provides protection to occupants and their possessions by increasing the time it takes for heat or flames from an external fire to pass through, as well as absorbing any force should there suddenly be a break out.

Insulated Ceiling

Insulated ceilings are designed to keep homes and workplaces comfortable in the winter by trapping air. This prevents heat from escaping too quickly through windows, doors or walls which can make it feel cold inside even though there is plenty of warmth outside. Insulating your ceiling also helps reduce summer temperatures because trapped hot air cannot escape into the hotter atmosphere above. Plasterer Brisbane provides reliable and effective service for insulated ceilings so that you stay as warm as possible throughout all four seasons!

Insurance Work

With all of the contents that we are expected to protect, it can be overwhelming. That is why our Insurance Work Services exist - so you can confidently have peace of mind knowing your property will be adequately compensated if there were an incident such as a fire or storm damage.

Metal and stud Framing

Metal and stud framing is a building material consisting of metal sheets with the interior cavities filled in, either by thin layers of plaster or gypsum board. It has many advantages because it can be used for both external cladding or internal partition walls as well as ceiling panels. Plasterer Brisbane are experts at getting rid of mold infestations that may arise from moisture entering your home through these materials over time-saving you money on having to replace them!

New Home

We know how to take care of a wide range of plastering needs. From interior and exterior rendering, skim coating or ceilings: we're ready for any project you have in mind. Our qualified team can plan out the job from start to finish – which means less stress on your end!

Ornate Cornices

The ornate cornice installment is a decorative element of architecture that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Ornate cornices were traditionally used to cover the uppermost part of a wall, and they are typically made from plaster. Due to their costliness most people do not have them installed today; however there are some plasterers in Brisbane who specialize in this type of installation work! Some advantages include: They offer an elegant look as well as protection for your walls against water damage or other types of disaster.

Plaster Repair

Plasters or renderings are a type of finishing applied to walls, ceilings and soffits in order to cover up all the rough edges. There is another form of plaster that goes onto flat surfaces such as the ceiling and it's called "stucco". A plasterer will come out to your home, assess the work that needs done and give you a quote. Plastering can also be used for decorative purposes or as an acoustic dampener on ceilings in rooms such as music studios and cinemas. We have been plasterers Plasterer QLD for over years with experience getting homes back into shape quickly!

Pressed Metal Ceilings

Pressed metal ceilings are an exciting and unexpected way to bring the feel of industrial chic into your home. They come in many different styles, so it's easy for you to find one that best fits with the architectural design of your house. Pressed Metal Ceiling is a great option if you want something very modern looking without having all those wires on display like some other ceiling options have!

Suspended Ceilings

The Suspended Ceilings are a great way to keep noise from escaping or entering. They usually go on the ceiling, providing soundproofing and an insulation barrier for energy savings. The two layers of suspended ceilings consist of a back layer, which provides sound proofing; and a front face layer that is aesthetically pleasing. Plasterer Brisbane has been perfecting this installation process for years!

Venetian Plastering

Venetian plaster is a traditional building technique where thin layers of plaster are applied on top of each other to create the desired thickness. The process begins by brushing or troweling onto an area and then smoothing it out so that there's no bumps, blemishes, bubbles in between sheets. A new section can start with another layer after this has been done correctly without any air pockets. Venetian Plastering is smooth and blended together for a seamless finish at last!

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Plastering Brisbane Pros employ only qualified plasterers who understand and practice Venetian Plastering techniques, using all the latest tools and technology to get you that beautiful finish you want!

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We are expert Plasterers in Brisbane that will not only make your home beautiful but we'll also do it quickly and efficiently. Plastering Brisbane Pros have a high level of quality assurance because our plasterers are licensed to perform plastering work, which means they know that a job done right the first time is worth every penny.

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Our plasterers will provide you with a written quote for any plastering job, whether it is an interior or exterior wall in your home. We also offer affordable rates to suit every budget and can even get you extra discounts on larger jobs!

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